Crabtree Creek Greenway Project

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Project Background

The Town of Cary’s Crabtree Creek Greenway project will add approximately 1.7 miles of 10-foot wide paved trail along the southern edge of Lake Crabtree, extending from the existing Black Creek Greenway (at Weston Parkway) along the lake shore and Evans Road towards the intersection of Evans Road and Aviation Parkway. Construction of this regionally critical trail will provide Cary residents with greenway access to multiple employment centers, shopping areas, parks and schools. The trail will offer both recreation amenities as well as a safe and efficient way to reduce motor vehicle trips.

The Town of Morrisville is concurrently planning a segment of Crabtree Creek trail starting at the Evans Road/Aviation Parkway intersection and extending 2.3 miles west to Davis Drive, where it will tie into an existing 10-ft. wide multi-use trail. They will also construct 0.2 miles of trail along Evans Road to Aviation Parkway as part of their McCrimmon Parkway Extension project. The combined length of the Cary and Morrisville projects is 4.2 miles.

These projects are integral parts of a major east/west pedestrian/bicycle connection which will link Cary’s greenway system with the greenway networks of Raleigh, Morrisville and ultimately Research Triangle Park.

Map of Project Area

Project Cost and Schedule

The total project budget for design and construction is $5,398,000.  Funding sources include $4,158,000 in Federal funds provided by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization through the Federal Highway Administration, and a $500,000 Open Space grant from Wake County.

  • Design and easement acquisition is complete.
  • Construction: 1.7 miles from Black Creek Greenway to Evans Road north of the Crabtree Creek bridge will occur Spring 2017 through Fall 2018.

The trail will extend from Black Creek Greenway to Evans Road and along Evans Road to the first driveway north of Crabtree Creek.  The trail will cross the Black Creek arm of Lake Crabtree via a long boardwalk. The existing narrow pedestrian bridge across Crabtree Creek will be replaced by a 10-foot wide ADA accessible bridge.

A temporary mid-block crossing connecting to the Morrisville trail segment is proposed as part of the current trail project.  Morrisville will construct the final segment of trail along Evans Road to Aviation Parkway and provide a permanent Evans Road crossing at Aviation Parkway as part of their McCrimmon Parkway Extension road project.


Crabtree Bridge

The construction contract has been awarded to Fred Smith Company. The project scope includes precast concrete construction for the boardwalk across the Black Creek arm of Lake Crabtree.

Lake Crabtree County Park's existing foot trail on the southern side of the lake will be closed during construction of the new greenway trail.  The closure extends from the existing foot bridge off Black Creek Greenway below Weston Parkway to the existing Crabtree Creek foot bridge near the intersection of Evans Road and Aviation Parkway.


Amy Mackintosh, ASLA
Landscape Architect
Transportation & Facilities Department
Town of Cary
(919) 460-4973