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Website Overhaul

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The Town of Cary has completed a major update to its website, A complete overhaul, the website features a fresh design, new features and improved efficiency for staff and site visitors. This is the sixth redesign of Cary’s website, which was created in 1997. The last redesign was in 2009.


  • Responsive design
  • Social media integration
  • Robust, shareable calendar
  • Online forms and surveys
  • Key services highlighted on homepage
  • Prominent search field
  • Integration with open data website

Purpose of the Overhaul

The purpose of the website overhaul is to develop a site that allows our Council, staff, citizens, customers and visitors to share and exchange information that is current and fresh in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. The site will reinforce the mission statement and values adopted by the Town Council by providing an exceptional virtual environment and exemplary online services.

History of the Website

The Town of Cary website was created in May 1997 as a more efficient way to deliver meeting information to the Cary Town Council. Volunteers from outside Town government designed the look. In 1998, the Town hired its first full-time webmaster, who began its redesign. Learn more about Cary’s website.

The Town’s website represents the Town’s commitment to transparency and open government since everyone receives information at the same time.


The budget for this project is $500,000.


Digital Deployment, of Sacramento, Calif., is our information architecture consultant. They are responsible for designing the site map and menu structure in a way that optimizes the user experience.

Vision Internet, of Santa Monica, Calif., is responsible for the design, look and feel of the site, and will provide our content management system, which holds all the content hosted on

Survey Results

Throughout the project, the Town has issued surveys to citizens for feedback on crucial questions. You can see those surveys here:


Susan Moran
Public Information Director
(919) 460-4961