Reduce Congestion through Intersection Improvements

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Project Scope

All signalized intersections are included in the selection of potential locations to provide geometric or safety improvements.

Project Cost and Schedule

The estimated total project cost is $3,000,000. Funding for this project was approved by Cary voters as part of the 2012 Community Investment Bonds referendum.

Design could be completed within six months of funding availability with the start of construction approximately six months after design. Construction duration would take approximately one year.

Project Background

Town staff tracks the traffic operations of all signalized intersections within the Town limits. Intersections with failing Levels of Service (LOS) are analyzed to determine what geometric or signal timing improvements are needed to improve the LOS to an acceptable level. Of the 170-plus signalized intersections in Town, approximately 16 operate with an unacceptable LOS in either the morning and/or afternoon peak hours. For some of these intersections, the improvements needed to allow the intersection to operate at an acceptable LOS would be beyond the scope of this project. Those intersections with deficiencies that could be improved through minor improvements were considered.

Additionally, Town staff works with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to identify intersections in Town with elevated crash rates. Town staff investigated these intersections to identify safety improvements that could be implemented to reduce the crash rate at those intersections.

After consideration of both operational characteristics and safety concerns from these lists, staff compiled a recommended listing of intersections to be included in this project from among the top locations.

This funding will allow Town staff to make safety and operational improvements sooner than would be achieved if those identified intersection were improved through the usual Capital Improvement Project program.

Project Facts

The following intersections are considered for improvements to address either safety or operational concerns.

  • Kildaire Farm Road and Cary Parkway – Turn lane additions to improve operations
  • Cary Parkway and Evans Road – Turn lane additions to improve operations
  • NW Maynard Road and Chapel Hill Road – Turn lane modifications and signal timing adjustments for safety and operational improvements
  • NW Maynard Road and High House Road – Turn lane additions and safety improvements with mast arm installation
  • Cary Parkway near US 1/64 Ramps – Restriping and median modifications to improve operations