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Citizen Volunteer and Involvement Opportunities

At the Town of Cary, we believe an involved citizenry is the hallmark of a strong community and an effective government. Indeed, it was a citizen’s movement in 1871 that resulted in the formation of the Town of Cary. Today, opportunities abound for Cary citizens to continue taking part in shaping their government, their communities, and their own futures.

Learn more about our numerous volunteer and involvement opportunities, and begin sharing your time and talents to better OUR Cary!

Citizen Involvement

Boards & Commissions / Sports & Leisure / Stormwater Education / Environmental Conservation / Spruce / Citizens Assisting Police / Community Emergency Response Team / Community Watch / Business Watch / School of Government

Interactive Government

Public Hearings and Meetings / E-Government

Why Should I Get Involved?

Local government is the closest of all the branches of government to the people.

The part-time elected Town Council members – all who live and work among us -- set the broad policy direction for the Town.

The full-time Town Manager and professional staff implement the Town Council’s vision and direction as they work daily to provide services that directly impact Cary citizens, such as:

  • Water and sewer
  • Solid waste and recycling collection
  • Police and fire protection
  • Building inspection
  • Planning for where and what types of development will occur, and
  • Planning for future parks, roads and other amenities to serve the people in our community.

The staff and Town Council members personally interact with citizens on a daily basis.

The Cary Town Council recognizes and values the importance of citizen participation in local government. Two of Cary's value statements directly speak to this:

  • Our organization exists to serve our citizens. We will be open, ensure access, encourage involvement and be accountable to our citizens.
  • We will achieve the best results through effective teamwork, strategic partnerships and community participation.

To achieve these values, the Town of Cary offers numerous volunteer and involvement opportunities as mechanisms to engage citizens in the democratic process. Please consider sharing your time and talents to make OUR Cary a better place for today and future generations.

How does citizen participation and volunteerism benefit Cary citizens?

  • Citizen volunteers experience:
  • Satisfaction in sharing their talents and shaping the future of our Town;
  • Pride in leading the way and modeling the importance and value of good citizenship -- giving of themselves in a tangible way for the good of our community;
  • Personal enrichment as they meet other Cary citizens with diverse life experiences and cultural backgrounds;
  • A sense of civic accomplishment in ensuring the citizens’ perspective is represented in our government; and
  • Ownership in their Town of Cary government.
  • Eligibility to join the Local Government Federal Credit Union

How does citizen participation and volunteerism benefit the Town of Cary?

The Town staff and elected officials experience:

  • Satisfaction as we expand and enhance the services we offer to do things we could never do on our own;
  • The privilege of interacting with our citizens;
  • A better understanding of our citizens’ perspectives;
  • An opportunity to learn from our citizens and to ensure our policies and practices are the best they can be for our community as a whole; and
  • An opportunity to ensure our government is truly a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” as was stated by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.