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Dittmann, KennethTraffic Signs & Markings MechanicPublic Works(919) 460-4991
Driver, BradleyFacilities Maintenance Worker IPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Duvernay, DenisConstruction Technician IIPublic Works(919) 462-3867
Edwards, DanielConstruction Technician IPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Ennis, WilliamWater Service TechnicianPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Epps, DannySolid Waste Crew LeaderPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Evans, RodneyRecycling Crew LeaderPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Farabaugh, MatthewTraffic Operations Field SupervisorPublic Works(919) 460-3146
Fesniak, WilliamFacilities Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Fiacco, VincePremier Athletic Field Maintenance TechnicianPublic Works(919) 380-2126
Flores, TomasSolid Waste CollectorPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Floyd, TommyWastewater System Technician IPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Depo, RichardAthletic Field Maintenance Technician IPublic Works(919) 469-4392
Dickerson, KhalilSolid Waste CollectorPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Francia, IanPremier Athletic Field Maintenance TechnicianPublic Works(919) 380-2126
Gibson, GrantWastewater System Technician IPublic Works(919) 462-2000
Goff, MatthewPremier Athletic Field Maintenance TechnicianPublic Works(919) 380-2126
Goucher, ChrisAthletic Field Maintenance Technician IPublic Works(919) 380-2126
Greenlee, RyanConstruction Technician IPublic Works(919) 469-4090
Griffin, JosephWastewater System Technician IIPublic Works(919) 469-4090
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