Get the Facts: Town of Cary Police Department Report Involving Debra Goldman

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December 10, 2012

The status of a June 12, 2010 case involving a burglary at 505 Nantucket Drive has been changed to Closed, all leads exhausted. The case had been re-opened on October 25, 2012 due to new information. 

October 22, 2012

"On October 18, 2012, we received calls from News and Observer Reporter Anne Blythe stating she had received a complete copy of a burglary report of a residence located at 505 Nantucket Drive. The burglary was reported by Debra Goldman on June 12, 2010. Ms. Blythe requested that I verify this was in fact a copy of the full report. I informed Ms. Blythe that by North Carolina General Statutes officers narrative reports related to criminal investigations and intelligence information are not public record and provided her with the public information related to the burglary report in question.

As soon as we became aware of this information we immediately began to look into the situation to determine how the media could have gained access to information that is not public record. Due to the seriousness of this situation and to ensure we have not violated the public’s trust in our department, we started an official Internal Investigation through our Professional Standards Division and the investigation is being led by Captain Tracy Jernigan.

The report that the News and Observer and WRAL have does appear to be a copy of our police report. We know the report in question was printed by Detective Michelle Savage on October 28, 2011 at 1700 hours in response to a request received directly from District Attorney Colon Willoughby at 1650 hours on that same date. Detective Savage faxed a copy of the printed report to DA Colon Willoughby on October 28, 2011 at 1721 hours. The copy of the report that Detective Savage printed and faxed became a part of her investigative file and has remained in her locked file cabinet.

I remain confident that the officers, detectives, supervisors, and Records staff involved in the investigation of this matter have not released this report to anyone that does not have the authority to receive it.

This is a priority for us but even so investigations like this can take several weeks. Results of all Internal Investigations are posted on the Town of Cary website annually.”

– Town of Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore