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Nine Nominated for Cary's Hometown Spirit Award


Nine Caryites have been selected as nominees for the Town of Cary’s Hometown Spirit Award, the most ever since the award’s inception in 2009. The 2017 Hometown Spirit Award nominees are:

  • Ralph & Daphne Ashworth: Founders of the iconic Ashworth’s Drugs
  • Caitlin Burke: Environmental Advisory Board member
  • Lindsey Chester: Co-founder of
  • Al Cohen: Founder of International Diversity Summit
  • Nathaniel Greene: Founding member of Northwest Cary Community Connection
  • Guy Mendenhall: Former Athletic Director at Cary High School
  • Tru Pettigrew: Charter member of Building Bridges group
  • Becca Smith: Organizers and volunteer for numerous community events
  • Mia South: Founding member of Northwest Cary Community Connection

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Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead Adds More Parking, Amenities along Cary's Greenways 

The Town of Cary continues to enhance its expansive greenway system with the Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead, featuring 82 parking spaces, restrooms, a small shelter with tables and a grill, Cary’s first bike fix-it station and a drinking fountain with a bottle filler and pet dish. On Thursday, October 19 from 4-7 p.m. the Town of Cary Greenway Committee, representatives from East Coast Greenway, and Wake County Parks, Recreation & Open Space will be answering questions about the new trailhead and the surrounding parks and greenways that crisscross the community.

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Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead.

Directions to trailhead.

 Regional Trails Map

 Local Trails Map



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