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NOW ONLINE: New Edition of Cary Matters

Last month, Cary’s first ever Quarterly Meeting jumpstarted the Town’s new rolling quarterly budget process. This new practice provides Cary more flexibility when it comes to making investments to improve the quality of life of our citizens. In this edition of Cary Matters, Council Members Jennifer Robinson and Jack Smith highlight the first quarterly meeting, as well as topics of discussion, including the Town’s financial standing, stormwater and affordable housing.

Quarterly Report

Budget Development

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Portion of White Oak Creek Greenway to Close throughout December for Maintenance

Now through December 29, the Town of Cary will intermittently close a portion of the White Oak Creek Greenway near Green Level Church Road for routine maintenance. The closure includes a boardwalk and the connection with Batchelor Branch Greenway. When in effect, signs will be posted at trail entrances to let citizens know of the closure. The White Oak Creek Greenway consists of two segments of trail, which extend from Fred G. Bond Metro Park to Green Level Church Road in western Cary, a combined distance of 4.7 miles.

Map of closure

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Is Cary, NC the Next Smart City? How the Town Tackles Community Challenges with IoT

Cities everywhere are striving to become “Smart” as they push for data-driven government and solutions that improve quality of life for their citizens.  The breadth of challenge in front of our cities and communities is massive, ranging from traffic management to public health; from citizen safety to efficient utilities; environmental protection to economic growth.

NerdWallet Ranks Cary among Best Cities for Quality of Life

NerdWallet analyzed 177 U.S. cities with over 150,000 residents and the number of hours worked, commute times, percentage of income spent on housing, health insurance coverage, poverty levels and unemployment rates to get a picture of quality of life in each location.

3 Tips to Help Small Cities Make Connected Tech Possible -

IT leaders and elected officials from three towns embracing connected tech offer advice for those looking to follow in their smart city footsteps.

Cary Joins Municipal Initiative to Streamline Data, Share with Other Towns -

Leaders in Cary's government have talked about being a Smart City in the past. A new initiative Cary is joining will follow those principles as Cary aims to better use its data to accomplish tasks and address concerns.

13 Real-World Digital Transformation Success Stories -

CIOs at Sprint, Cary, Xylem and other leading organizations are spearheading digital initiatives to drive business growth. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders' strategies, implementations and challenges.