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Special Committees

The Town of Cary uses "Special Committees" for special tasks or projects. When it has been determined that a "Special Committee" is needed, the Town Council will solicit applications from citizens. These applications will be reviewed, and appointments to the "Special Committees" will be made. After the task or project has been completed, the committee is no longer active and ceases to meet. 

These committees provide a valuable resource to the Town Council, Town staff, and citizens of Cary.

In addition to special committees, the Town of Cary has volunteer Boards and Commissions.  Appointments to the boards and commissions are made on an annual basis and terms of service are usually for three years.  For more information visit the Town's Web site at

If you have questions, please contact the town clerk. The e-mail address is

Aging Issues Task Force (The task force has completed its work)

Committee for the Future