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Neighborhood Meeting

These neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for applicants to present information on new rezoning requests and receive feedback from nearby property owners prior to the formal public hearing. The meetings will be hosted at Town Hall with staff in attendance to provide general information regarding Cary’s rezoning process. 

Questions should be directed to the Planning Department at 919-469-4046.

The following case(s) will be reviewed:

 18-REZ-01 Green Level West Rd & Pine Rail Lane Properties

 Cary’s Rezoning Process Flowchart



In connection with all rezoning applications, applicants conduct a neighborhood meeting.  Such neighborhood meetings are preceded by a general orientation meeting conducted by town staff.  Those who live in the vicinity of property proposed for rezoning are invited and both the general orientation meeting and the following case-specific applicant conducted meetings are open to the general public.  Cary Town Council members may attend such meetings.

A neighborhood meeting for rezoning applications is scheduled on December 6, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.  It is possible a quorum of the Cary Town Council may be present at the general orientation meeting conducted by Town staff, but such council members do not intend to speak or engage in the business of the general orientation meeting.

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