C-Tran Bus at Train Depot

C-Tran soon to be rebranded to GoCary on October 1, 2016.

C-Tran Mission Statement: To provide clean, safe, reliable and efficient transit service to the community by being responsive to changing needs and focusing on customer service as our highest priority. 

C-Tran began in August 2001 as a transportation service for Cary citizens who were senior citizens (age 60 or older) or those with disabilities. It eventually transformed to a full-pledged general fixed route transit system in December 2005, while still providing Door to Door services to senior citizens and people with disabilities. To date, C-Tran has provided 2,444,829 million passenger trips for citizens and visitors of Cary since its inception in 2001. 

Town of Cary
Transportation & Facilities Department/Transit Division
C-Tran System Operations Management 

Adam Howell
Transit Planner
Town of Cary
(919) 469-4080
Fixed Route Service, Demand Response Technologies, Data Analysis, Route Planning, Transit Amenities, and Citizen's Feedback.

Ana Tenorio
Transit Marketing Specialist
Town of Cary
(919) 469-4086

Community Outreach Plans, Disabilities Approval Eligibility (A.D.A.),Transportation Demand.Management (TDM), 49 C.F.R. Part 26 Federal Compliance Program (D.B.E.), and Citizen's Feedback. 

*Executive Summary Report: Town of Cary Final DBE Goal for FY2015-2017 

Christine Sondej
Transit Planner (Grants & Special Projects)
Town of Cary
(919) 380-2134
Transit Capital Projects

Ray Boylston
Transit Services Administrator
Town of Cary
(919) 462-2080
C-Tran System Management and Administration

*General Fixed Route Information
(919) 485-7433 or Email

Cary Senior Center

120 Maury O'Dell Pl
Cary, NC  27513
(919) 469-4081

D.B.E. Goal/Methodology 
Contact D.B.E. Liaison 
Ana Tenorio 
(919) 469-4086

GoTransit Regional Information Website (Regional Trip Planner)
Trip Reservations for Registered Passengers  

(919) 481-2020 ext. 3
Ticket Assistance Program 
'Door to Door Service' 
Ticket Information/Purchase
See 'Fares and Ticket Information' under Fixed Route Service 
C-Tran Job Opportunities (Apply in Person)
1107 Trinity Road
   Raleigh, NC 27607   (919) 481-2020 ext. 3

C-Tran Job Opportunities
Apply directly at: 
1107 Trinity Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
C-Tran Job Opportunities
Apply directly at: 
1107 Trinity Road
Raleigh, NC 27607