About Cary

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The Town manages geographic-related information from Annexation data to Zoning data using GIS. GIS is in use on a daily basis throughout the Town of Cary.

Most of the staff has GIS software on their desk or in their work area. A large number use GIS for informational purposes to help answer Town residents' questions, or to expedite daily functions of their jobs. GIS is used to analyze data to help make better decisions on issues such as where to provide new facilities, how to allow growth to occur, or how to more effectively route sanitation and recycling trucks. GIS has been in use by the Town of Cary since 1989.

The Town uses MapInfo GIS software for its GIS platform. This system runs in a Windows environment on desktop PCs. The Town uses both MapInfo Professional and MapInfo ProViewer. Professional is the more robust of the two softwares and is used by our "power users". It has the ability to perform complex queries on data as well as create new data and modify existing data. Professional is also used to import/export data to and from other formats such as ESRI shape files, AutoCAD drawing files, MicroStation drawing files, and other universal formats including dxf.

ProViewer as the name would suggest is a "viewer program" and is used by our casual GIS users. It reads the same file formats as Professional, and can perform simple queries, print maps, and provide information to the user. Proviewer is a free program, so the Town has the ability to install the software on virtually every PC in Town, at no cost to the citizens of Cary. Recently, Proviewer was added to the Mobile Data Computers in the Town's police cars and fire trucks, to assist them in scene assessment and call location.

All of the Town's major departments use geographic-related information on a daily basis. A description of how various departments use GIS is available.

The data layers listed below are examples of geographic information that are used by Town employees. Some data layers are linked to a graphic that shows the layer displayed on a map.

  • Government and Other Public Agencies
    • Cary Polling Places
    • RDU Airport Boundary
    • Cary Town Limits
    • RDU Airport Runway
    • Cary Voting Districts
    • Cary Voting Precincts
    • Census Blocks
    • Zip Codes


  • Infrastructure
    • Cellular Towers
    • Street Lights
    • NCDOT Traffic Counts
    • Streets
    • RailRoad Centerline
    • Thoroughfare Plan
    • Sewer System
    • Transportation Analysis Zones
    • Sidewalks
    • Water Lines System
    • Storm Drain System


  • Land Management
    • Aerial Photos
    • Board of Adjustment Cases
    • Highway Overlay District
    • Airport Overlay District
    • NCGS Control Points
    • Cary GreenWays
    • Planned Unit Development Boundaries
    • Planned Unit Development Equivalent Zoning
    • Major Special Uses
    • Cary Parks
    • Residential And Nonresidential Areas
    • Topography
    • Watershed Overlay Districts
    • Downtown Overlay Zoning Districts
    • Zoning Districts
    • Existing Land Use


  • Natural Resources
    • Creeks, Lakes and Streams
    • NC River Basins
    • Flood Plains
    • Soils
    • Landcover
    • Watersheds


  • Real Estate