C-Tran bus Commercial square with bench seating Bike path in Cary Image of site plans


Download maps or purchase copies from the Planning Department. Online maps are updated regularly, but are not guaranteed to be the most recent. Area plans and special project plans also include maps.

Paper copy prices are subject to change.


Alston Regional Activity Center Map

Apartments Map

Bike and Hike Map and Informational Page

C-Tran Service Area

Carpenter Community Plan Map

Chatham-Cary Joint Land Use Plan Map

Comprehensive Transportation Map

Interactive Development Map

Land Use Plan Map

Northwest Area Plan

Northwest Maynard Activity Center Plan Map

Southeast Area Plan

Southwest Area Plan

Town Limit Map

Town Center Area Plan Map

Zoning Map

Zoning Overlay Map

Full size (36x48) maps can be purchased at the Planning Department or by contacting us at (919) 469-4082. The cost for a standard map is $10 for parcel level detail or $15 for aerial photo detail.

Other Resources

  • Maps Online is the Town’s geographic information system. Information available includes: buildings, topography/contours, extra-territorial jurisdiction, greenways, landmarks, parks, property, proposed overlay districts, residential & nonresidential, rezoning cases, river buffers, sewer lines, sewer symbols, sites & subdivisions plans, streets, Town boundary, water lines and water symbols
  • Digital Map Files: If you're interested in digital map files for your organization's geographic information system, you can download Cary's map files via Cary's FTP site at http://pubfiles.townofcary.org.