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LD14 featured artwork

Featured Artist for 2014 - Tesh Parek

Tesh Parekh is a professional artist and photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina. He learnedto draw and paint during his childhood. As an adult, he has been painting for thelast few years in Oils and Watercolors.

Tesh enjoys the freedom of painting variety of subjects using different techniques. If the subject isinteresting enough, he may paint the same subject in different ways. Mostly, heworks on a single painting at a time. While Tesh enjoys direct painting, if hislove for the subject gets deep enough, you will find him painting usingindirect painting techniques. Doing sketches from life and working on his owncompositions is a preferred way of working, so he does not always depend on thephotographs. Tesh’s goal as an artist is to master the craft of painting sothat my paintings can convey their message without techniques getting in theway.

Tesh paints live at weddings and events and accepts studio commissions for portraits and paintings.

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Jerry Miller Artist Awards

In 2001, to commemorate the 25th annual festival, the Lazy Daze Committee instituted the Lazy Daze Invitation Awards, now named the Jerry Miller Artist Awards, to honor the Lazy Daze festival’s founding father, local artist Jerry Miller. The Jerry Miller Artist Award winners are judged to be the “best in the show” for the Lazy Daze Festival. They represent a wide range of artistic forms and styles. Each award winner is automatically invited to participate in Lazy Daze the following year and is also exempt from festival fees that year. Each year, there are six artists honored with this award. 

Each August, the Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival welcomes over 375 artists and fine crafters from all over the country to Cary. The Artist applications period has closed for 2014. To be added to the mailing list for next year, please email the Festivals Coordinator with your name, address, email, and phone number.