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Black Creek Greenway

Due to recent inclement weather, Black Creek Greenway is closed for repair from West Dynasty to Weston Parkway.  Expected to re-open mid to late October 2016.  

Black Creek Greenway is one of the Town's longest and most popular greenways due to its length and connection to other important recreational and open space areas. It now extends continuously for 7.1 miles from Lake Crabtree in the north, starting at the Old Reedy Creek Trailhead (parking area currently in design) across town to the greenway hub at Bond Park.

Black Creek Greenway At Lake Crabtree

From there it connects to the White Oak Greenway, which is made up of 4.8 miles of trail sections and will eventually connect to the American Tobacco Trail as a continuous trail over 7 miles in length.

This Black Creek/White Oak trail system within Cary was recently added to the East Coast Greenway which will eventually go from Maine to Florida.

Map of Black Creek Greenway

Black Creek Greenway Phases I & II Renovations (PR1129)

The 2.5 mile section of the Black Creek Greenway that is proposed to be redesigned was constructed approximately 25 years ago. This section of 8’ wide greenway trail does not meet Cary’s current greenway design standards of 10 foot wide asphalt trails and 12 foot wide bridges, and is often severely impacted by heavy rains. This greenway trail is in need of major upgrades and realignment improvements to safely accommodate the increased use and to prevent storm damage. The primary objectives of the renovation project are to:

  1. Upgrade the trail so it meets current Town of Cary greenway standards.
  2. Improve overall trail drainage to eliminate the ongoing maintenance currently required.
  3. Where possible, relocate sections of the trail away from the creek that frequently floods.
  4. Realign trail to eliminate sharp dangerous curves.
  5. Upgrade and elevate the existing bridges to reduce flooding.
  6. Treat run-off when possible to improve water quality.

The design and permitting of the project will be completed by the winter of 2017.

Project Area Map

Greenway Overview


Length: 7.1 Miles
Trail Width/Surface: 10 foot wide asphalt
Used For:  Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, pushing strollers and wheelchairs
Hours:  Dawn to Dusk
Special Considerations: Parts of Black Creek Greenway are potentially too steep for wheelchair use.  
Restrooms: North Cary Park, Godbold Park, Fred G. Bond Metro Park
Benches: Yes
Connects To: Lake Crabtree County Park, Reedy Creek Greenway, North Cary Park, West Cary Middle School, Godbold Park, Cary Dog Park @Godbold, Sk8-Cary@ Godbold, Northwoods Greenway, Northwoods Elementary School, Bond Metro Park, White Oak Creek Greenway, Bond Lake Trail, Bond Park Pine Cone Trail, Bond Park Paw Paw Trail, Bond Park Boat House, Oxxford Hunt Greenway
Reedy Creek Trailhead: In Design. Will be at the northernmost end of Black Creek Greenway and is slated to have parking for 84 cars.  
North Cary Park Trailhead: Leave cars at the parking lot and travel the 0.4 mile trail through the park to Black Creek Greenway.       
Black Creek Trailhead: This is a parking lot for trail users on the northern side of Maynard Road across from Godbold Park.
Goldbold Park Trailhead: Use parking lot at the park and enter the Black Creek Greenway between Sk8-Cary and the Dog Park. 
Fred G. Bond Metro Park Trailhead: Park at Bond Park Boathouse parking lot or at Bond Park Community Center parking lot, short walk from either to the trailhead kiosk in the Bond Park Spillway.
ack Creek Greenway Map Key

The northern end of the trail can be accessed at Old Reedy Creek Road.  There is presently parking on-street; however, this is the site of a future trailhead parking project which is currently in design.

At the 0.5 mile point there is a shelter overlooking Lake Crabtree. From there, it is 0.3 miles to the pedestrian underpass at Weston Parkway. Travel on for 0.7 miles to the entrance to North Cary Park following the creek all the way. There are various access points along the way -- Weston Parkway, Tynemouth Drive, Linton Banks Place, and Midenhall Way.

Going south from the North Cary Park cross under the North Cary Parkway. There are entrances at Livingstone Drive and Homestead Drive. It is 0.7 miles from North Cary Park to the Reedy Creek Greenway which heads out to the east. It is a further 0.5 miles to West Dynasty Drive where it is necessary to follow the sidewalk for 0.3 miles.

From West Dynasty Drive follow the Black Creek Greenway for a mile to the Black Creek Trailhead located at NW Maynard Road where there is a parking lot. West Cary Middle School is just to the west of the trail at that point.

Cross NW Maynard Road at the pedestrian crossing where there are flashing lights to notify drivers to slow down for pedestrians and bicyclists. Just across the road is Robert V. Godbold Park. Travel on between the Cary Dog Park and Sk8-Cary where the trail joins the Northwoods Greenway and then heads off towards the southwest. There is a pedestrian underpass at Evans Road.

At Chapel Hill Road, cross at the stop lights and continue on along NW Maynard Road using the new pedestrian overpass to cross the railroad tracks. It is 0.8 miles from the Black Creek Trailhead to Carrousel Lane where the trail leaves NW Maynard Road.



At Carrousel Lane the trail travels away from the road past neighborhoods and following a stream for 0.9 miles.  When it reaches NW Maynard Road again turn south and follow along on the east side for 0.2 miles and then cross at the stop lights and go for 0.2 miles more on the west side of the road.

At High House Road cross at the stop lights and follow the trail off-road to the southwest. The trail goes past Battery Lake and at the 0.6 mile mark reaches Castalia Drive. Cross the road there and the trail follows on further to the point where it enters Bond Park.

From Castalia Drive it is 0.5 miles until Black Creek Greenway joins up with Oxxford Hunt Greenway and the Bond Lake Trail. As you travel north for the last 0.3 miles, passing the Bond Lake Boat House on the west, the trail terminates at the Trailhead Hub Kiosk where it meets the White Oak Greenway.

Bayoak Drive Connector
Under Construction

Information about Black Creek Greenway
Trail Dedication in June 2013

Old Reedy Creek Trailhead
Project In Design

Black Creek Greenway
Phase IV

Map of Trail Construction History

Public Art on Black Creek Greenway


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