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Cary Arts Center

Cary Arts Center

Preschoolers Learn in an Atmosphere of Play at the Cary Arts Center

Linda Simpson
If you and your child are looking for some fun experiences together and you don't mind rolling up your sleeves, look through the Town of Cary's Winter/Spring program guide for Morning Mud, Friday Mud Fling, and Saturdays in Clay. With themes like Picasso Snowmen, Fabulous Fish, and See You Later Alligator, you and your preschool age child can work together to create imaginative works of art from clay. What makes these particular classes unique is the element of fun and play that instructor, Linda D. Simpson, brings to the experience. Freedom of expression through play and an exploration of materials are two of guiding components that make up all of the classes taught by Simpson at the Cary Arts Center.

If you and your child prefer to work with other materials, Simpson also teaches an array of popular arts and craft classes known as Art Express and Art Start. In these classes your child will explore paper, fabrics, different types of paint, recyclables, glue, and other materials and techniques to develop distinctive ways to make art. Most of these classes are designed for children between the ages of two and six.

In addition, Simpson teaches mixed media art to older children between the ages of K5 to 12. In these classes, Simpson's students conceptualize and create cutting edge art by incorporating metals, clay, and mixed media into both 2 and 3D arts. Simpson has immersed herself in teaching and creating art for over three decades. She is beloved by many children and has a large following.

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