Finance Department

Utility Billing Online

Utility Billing Online through DigiPay!

DigiPay is the Town of Cary's utility bill presentment and payment system. Hosted by Paymentus, the DigiPay website enables utility customers to view their monthly statements, make single or recurring payments, and track their water consumption via Aquastar. It furthers the Town's commitment to give citizens access to information whenever they want instead of only during business hours.

1. Set up an account by choosing "Sign Up Now."  Fill out the form provided including the email address that you would like the Town to use to communicate with you. 

2. Add your utility account. You’ll need the account number found in the top right section of your bill. Select the tab at the top labeled “Accounts” and then “Add an Account.” Be sure to include the dash!

3. Decide if you only want to receive your bills electronically. DigiPay provides up to 12 months of your utility bills and will send you an e-mail alert when your bill is due. To select paperless billing, check the box.

Select the “Add” button and you’re done! Start using DigiPay by choosing the “Bills” tab and viewing your current bill.

Questions? Call the Customer Service office in the Finance Department at (919) 469-4050.

System Maintenance

The Town's billing system is backed up overnight from 1 to 3 a.m. During this maintenance window, Cary utility customers will be unable to access their online accounts.