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How To Use Aquastar

The Aquastar Web portal allows Town of Cary utility customers to view up to 13 months of water usage data. Users can view their hourly usage in charts or tables and set up usage alerts.

Getting Started
Getting Familiar
Setting Alerts
Contact Us

A video tutorial is also available. Watch the complete video or just the chapter that interests you.

Complete video
Chapter 1 - Let's Get Started
Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Portal
Chapter 3 - Navigation
Chapter 4 - My Usage
Chapter 5 - Setting Alerts
Chapter 6 - Contact Us

To access the Aquastar web portal, sign into our utility billing site at, and click the Aquastar tab.

**Please Note: Aquastar data is different than your billing data. Aquastar data is provided by calendar rather than billing period.